Born and raised in Boston, now lives in Italy and works on cities, especially Rome.


  • Lu Lu

    Lu Lu

  • Kathy Bryan

    Kathy Bryan

    Generally a lurker here, already spend too much time commenting on blogs owned by some of the people I follow. Twitter is a snack w/0 calories :)

  • Bari Freeman

    Bari Freeman

  • Jason Rhodes

    Jason Rhodes

  • Tarajohnsonn


  • Junaid Jamshed

    Junaid Jamshed

    Blogger with 100M+ views. — A Material Scientist, Tech, and Health Enthusiast. Inspiring the world through Personal and Organizational Development.

  • Alessandro Useze Ragazzi

    Alessandro Useze Ragazzi

    Philosophy Of Water | Woodland Peoples | Politics are various, economics are regenerative, and views are my own

  • Cahbelsen


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