Born and raised in Boston, now lives in Italy and works on cities, especially Rome.

What if the full experience of going there came to you?

Drawing by Tom Rankin

Kimball always wanted to go to India. Little did she know a year ago that India would come to her in a box. She was fascinated by the Indians she saw in her city in the US, she occasionally brought home food from their take-out restaurants, and even went through…

The Anasazi culture in the American Southwest are a case in point of the difficulty of pattern recognition. They understood daily, seasonal, annual patterns and built to retain the heat of the desert in the cool nights, to shelter settlements from summer sun, and to preserve rainwater for the dry season. But these cycles weren't long enough to see that year after year the water table was gradually, impereceptably, lowering. As you say, today we have the science to avoid track these long-term changes, if only we would respect it.

Tom Rankin

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